On October 22nd Vote for Karlene Nation

Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthy


I am proud to run for Toronto City Councillor in Ward 20. I’ve lived in our community for twenty years. I’m familiar with all of the issues and challenges in our community. 

I am passionate about this ward and will work hard to represent the concerns of residents.  I will be a strong voice for Ward 20 residents and get your issues on the agenda at city hall. 

Key issues for residents are:

  •  Community safety initiatives/enhanced security for neighborhoods
  • Community policing and calls for more security cameras
  • Pro-business — more support for local businesses
  • Support for entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Call for changes to the King Street Pilot Project to help businesses
  • Create more jobs and apprenticeship programs for youth
  • More affordable and accessible housing and more Co-op housing
  • Improved transit service in the community
  • Greater fiscal accountability and transparency at city hall


Karlene Nation

Karlene Nation is the founder of a Toronto-based media and communications company. Her company helps small businesses and not-for-profit organizations to get media coverage. Karlene worked in broadcast news for twenty-three-years as a reporter and producer.


She was the first journalist appointed to the position of Diversity Producer in a Canadian newsroom. She helped to increase coverage of Canadians of all ethnic, gender backgrounds in local and national news programs. She is a strong advocate for people with disabilities.